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Five Stars Movement at the 5th Global Forum on direct democracy in Tunis

global forum 2015While in Italy, Prime Minister Renzi shifts towards a centralized government and imposes an authoritarian turn, the rest of the world debates on the active citizens’ involvement in decision-making and more advanced democratic systems. More than 300 people from six continents and over 50 countries, have gathered here, in Tunis at the University of Carthage, to discuss democracy through active participation. I am proud to represent the 5 Stars Movement at the 5th Global Forum on Direct Democracy held on the 14th to the 17th of May. This is a very important opportunity to discuss and raise awareness around the world in regard to our struggles as well as our results in the cultural revolution we are implementing in Italy.

The conference in Tunis focuses on the modern challenges of popular sovereignty. Citizens, associations, academics and policy makers from around the world are attending by providing their input for comparative studies of different institutional models, forms of representation and participation mechanisms. I was referred to as coordinator of the workshop dedicated to “New citizens’ movements and parties” which carries out direct democracy through tools such as online voting, writing bills through a bottom-up method, the promotion of referendums and popular initiative laws. On Saturday the 16th of May, I will give a presentation to illustrate characteristics, principles and objectives of the 5 Stars Movement. All citizens should recognize their role in addressing and taking control of the Government through democratic participation.

The 5th Global Forums ultimate goal is to implement the constitutional values of modern democracies. In the final plenary meeting we will contribute to the approval of a charter that will state the fundamental principles of the true peoples government. The citizens of the 5 star movement are immensely satisfied to know be a part of the “Declaration on Direct Democracy of Tunis”.

You can follow the work of the World Conference through the official website:

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